"Luxury transcends objects and taste and is tied to one’s experience, state of harmony and perfection. We are far enough away from everything whilst close to the center of it all. This mix transcends distances and replaces that with a state of being. Return to simplicity and enjoy environmental consciousness."

Governor Ole Lenku on our smart homes, smart Kajiado County, IoT collaborative talks.

We put people’s wellness at the center of our conception, design, creation, and development of Ole Nguso homes. We hope to lay a foundation of wellness real estate, with communities at heart.

Kajiado is one of Kenya's best Cosmopolitan Counties, a Key Southern Metropole (one of five) and positioned on Africa's Northern Corridor Major Highway to Southern Africa and home to the East African Community, a One Stop border post only 99 kms away.

We envision use of Internet of things IoT and home automation to enhance health and well being with the smart city county of Kajiado, whilst introducing the first tourism wellness product in the county.

Huge amounts are spent annually on sick care, despite pharmaceutical and biomedical research. We attempt to correct the health and wellness problems caused by our living spaces. We can avoid chronic disease and expensive health care costs by investing in the homes that assure us good health and wellness, our homes, Ole Nguso Homes.

Investors in this lifestyle project will have access to our international partners circuit.

Our mixed concept allows for independent living, assisted living and vacation use, where stress reduction and healthy life programming is a daily affair. There are a limited number of units on our large expanse and green spaces in former arid land.

Our "wellness oasis" at the Southern Metropole has more space, community, nature, outdoor fitness and organic food.

Ole Nguso Homes is a bluezone build project, located within a smart village applying permaculture design amidst vast afforested grounds, providing an amazing, nature enhancing ecosystem and a bird watchers haven.

We have a high yield borehole on site with sufficient storage of sweet borehole water.

We have an exclusive residents club house and swimming pools. You can also enjoy walks within our vast grounds.

We have an Industrial kitchen by Sheffield to suit your tastes and guests.

The roof terrace design suits entertainment, star gazing, solar and hydroponics. The compound area includes edible gardens.

Ole Nguso homes, has Community social facets of a smart eco-village that includes a community hall, resource center, playgrounds and facilities equipped with 4G Internet service for e-learning and e-healthcare.

We are a model of a socially and environmentally sustainable community.

We integrate renewable energy through use of solar, wind and a generator that runs on both diesel and bio-gas.

Reduce, Recycle, Re-use principles in place.