We will host

  • Media center ( including film and music) alongside a technology innovation hub with international and local partners. The arts fused with wellness component and film production studios in a serene and quiet setting.
  • Wellness center where our wellness approach will apply natural elements such as light, water, heat, sound and energy. Our state of the art wellness technology will provide a holistic healing experience at the heart of the savannah hillside with beautiful views of Mount Kilimanjaro and a scenic night sky and constellation where you see Venus, the cross and the hoe.
  • State of the art Kitchen will provide permaculture fresh herbs and food to plate experience in a green low density eco village where each home experience is set on a quarter acre space without the congestion and bustle. Our water supply is from an underground network of purity and enhanced to alkaline for wellness.
  • Green energy, waste management and building standard is "EV Ready" for a future of electric vehicles with ease due to the easy evacuation of power from the East / Southern Africa power grid, Isinya Ketraco.
  • Botanical gardens and walkways with long walking paths and mature trees lining them, give rise to a host of birds for bird watchers and a microclimate with oxygen bursts. We are distinctive with the variety of flora and fauna in the arid setting and strict policy for green in a low density masterplan.