• Our minds seek a haven where each generation can flourish in the outdoors. Our souls yearn for space, so escape to quiet, low density single homes in country with easy commute expressway to the city.

  • Our visionary call to immerse and unleash in natural wonder, sublime and pastoral. Rugged yet refined

  • Community House - relaxing and fun activities for all ages

  • Lifestyle Ring - all-day dining, social spaces & wellness consultation

  • Integrative Wellness - facilities & conventional & holistic treatments

  • Wellness Restaurant - menus by on-site nutritionists, magnificent sunrise and sunset views.

  • Active Movement Center - fitness instructors, equipment & daily activities

  • Wellbeing Center - natural herbal juices, health diagnostics & wellness programs

  • Wellness Pools

  • Private villas with Mt. Kilimanjaro or Ngong views

  • Borehole water filtration and sustainable storage

  • Community Garden - healthy produces and learning

We provide you the tools to design your own wellness journey