Mindful Living

In the beginning, our residential project, was intentionally a 15 acre community. Then we demarcated 4 acre area with lot sizes of quarter acre, 3 bedroom vacay home plan sizing, 395m2 with DSQ, spa, barbeque and fireplace.. Low carbon footprint, edible gardens, fruit, trees, pools, permaculture design. A full masterplan demarcation will be implemented in phases.

Our holistic approach to well - being homes and wellness center is distinctive and incorporates mind, body and spirit rejuvenation in serene spacious settings. A natural serene sanctuary.

The wellness center will be lead by expert personnel to provide personalized wellness plans designed to rewire, reframe, reskill and renew each one to a purposeful life.

Spiritual nourishment for the soul in tandem with a clear heart and mind. Like the Garden of Eden where food supply chains and "farm to plate" at the beginning of time.

“Cultivating healthy habits to provide optimum peace and happiness is the soul of Ole Nguso Homes. We believe, true luxury is personalized and defined by each individual taking care of themselves in a pristine natural environment.”

Master Plan

The Sh300 billion expressway, to be built by American conglomerate Bechtel, is set to start any time after June 2019.

It will turn off before reaching Athi River, cut through Ongata Rongai and Ngong to join the Nairobi-Nakuru highway in Kikuyu town.

An offshoot of the expressway will pass through Kisaju and Isinya areas, snaking its way to Maai Mahiu to serve travellers to Western Kenya as shown in the picture above.